How To Get Your Free Google Ads Credit Worth $600

  • January 31, 2024
  • 2 min read

New users can get $600 in ad credit after they spend $600.

The free Google Ads promotion is a great way to test the advertising waters and reduce your risk. 

If you’ve ever thought about trying Google Ads for your business, a free ad is the best way to start!

  1. Create a new Google Ads account for your business
  2. Complete all related information including payment information
  3. Click claim offer within 14 days of account creation
  4. Activate ad campaigns and ensure a minimum of $600 ad spend within 60 days of claiming the offer
  5. The $600 credit will then be automatically applied to your account thereafter
  6. Enjoy the next $600 of ad spend on Google!


No, you don’t need to use a Google Partner to be eligible for the promotion. This is a tactic used by agencies to win your business. If you’re happy to set up and run ads yourself, you can very easily claim the $600 in ads credit too. 

Google’s official policy limits the promo code to new accounts only, which they police by looking at things like payment information and business address. We don’t recommend cheating the system, but if you do have multiple locations and/or payment methods you may be able to use get credit more than once.

Google won’t send you a notification, but you can navigate to Billing -> Promotions to check your credit status. It is automatically applied once after you’ve spent $600 of your own money. Once this happens it will reflect on your next bill, which you can find under Billing -> Summary.

Contact our Google Ads team if you need help and support getting your ads credit. We provide full Google AdWords Management services and can also check your eligibility too.

Full terms and conditions can be found here: https://www.google.com/intl/en-AU_AU/ads/coupons/terms/

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